With a heavy heart, we have decided to officially close Breakneck Acres on April 1st. We will see through our commitment to the Haymaker Indoor Farmers’ Market (4/1, 4/15, and 4/29) by offering the last of our inventory, including; grass fed ground beef, select cuts of pastured pork and free range chicken.

Breakneck Acres was created to heal me after a fast paced career in the corporate world. Relax. Plant a victory garden. Raise a few chickens. Heck. Wouldn’t it be cool to raise a hog!?!? I realized that our community was genuinely interested in what we were doing – and they wanted to be a part of our vision. Our hobby farm quickly morphed into a full scale production farm that required 100% commitment personally, emotionally, and financially. What I didn’t anticipate was the deep relationships I would build with the community and the blood, sweat and tears it would take to grow honest food for my new friends. And today? We’ve worked long hour, missed countless family events, and will admit - we simply need a break.

I want to thank you from my heart for your support and commitment. I want to thank you for welcoming me into your family. I want to thank you for trusting me to grow your food. As I embark on the next chapter of my life, I will cherish these memories while voting every day with my fork. I will continue as the VP/Treasurer and a loyal customer of the Haymaker Farmers’ Market. I would encourage you to do the same…… because there are honest folks out there that aren’t doing this for the money, they are doing this to educate and inspire you to make a connection with your food.

-(Farmer) Ami